Hi Everyone –

Here are the R210 Release Notes.

“Ramblin’ Man”

Protect your squad at all costs with an ALL-NEW character coming soon! And team up with Polaris (Lorna Dane) in her featured events now!


  • Wolverine (Old Man Logan)’s Still Sharp and Daken’s Chemical Reaction powers now deal damage once instead of twice.
  • When downing the target with Shuri’s Twin Blasters, the next enemy will no longer incorrectly be stunned
  • When receiving a Team-Up from completing a mission, an info button will now correctly appear
  • When selecting a character in the Roster screen and then selecting the back button, your position in the roster list is remembered (instead of scrolling back to the top of the list)
  • The correct audio will now play in the filter dropdown in the Roster screen.