Hi Everyone –

Here are the R214 Release Notes.

“Standing Strong for Mother”

Fright season is in full swing!

  • Trick your opponents and eliminate all the monsters with Elsa Bloodstone (Monster Hunter) in events going on now!
  • And partake in a few treats starting with spooktacular cover swaps available for a limited time, a free Halloween Vault Token on 10/29, and a free Blade (Daywalker) cover on 10/31!
  • And finally enjoy the return of your favorite Costumes who are dressed for the occasion in various special offers.

Additional Details:

  • Team-Ups are randomly assigned before battle like the way it functioned previously —empty Team-Up/Boosts slots are filled with a selection of team-ups that are randomized, instead of being the same team-ups every time.
  • Team-ups of characters that are Powered-Up in an event now correctly display with a Powered-Up crystal.
  • Event rules and pop-ups now correctly display Powered-Up characters in alphabetical order within each rarity.
  • Tightened up the selectable area in the Resources screen for Shard Offers when they were offscreen.