Hi Everyone –

Here are the R232 Release Notes

“Wisdom doesn’t always come with age”

  • Fight back with a vengeance! Kate Pryde (Marauders) is in select events now!
  • Don’t miss the LAST clue for The Puzzle Quest Challenge! Log in on July 23 for details.
  • Puzzle Ops returns on July 29…Get the right color AP to win!
  • Share some MPQ love! Log in on July 30 and celebrate International Day of Friendship with a FREE gift!

Additional Details:

  • Mission rewards can now be tapped to view more information, including character details for character comics and shards.
  • Missions that only require a character for a single slot now display an info button; selecting this button shows a pop-up with a list of which character(s) or character categories can be used in that slot. This button only displays while the slot is selected.
  • Missions that only allow a team of 2 characters or fewer no longer display a S.H.I.E.L.D. logo on the slots that cannot be filled.
  • Several powers that move or change tiles now correctly display a “Power Cannot Fire” pop-up when attempting to fire them while Thanos’ “Infinite Power” tile is on the board, instead of consuming AP with no effect.
  • Knull’s “Amortal Coil” now deals the correct amount of damage back when a cascade of matches are made by the targeted character.
  • Monica Rambeau’s “Supply Drone” passive now correctly displays a banner when the Repeater tile is created.

Thanks for playing!