Happy Anniversary
Come join the party! Marvel Puzzle Quest is celebrating year #2 with everyone in a big way!  New characters, events, special offers, freebies and more coming soon!

On October 3, 2013 Marvel Puzzle Quest was born on the App Store and Google Play.  Lots have happened in the game since Day 1 for both the game and the team but most definitely in the overall Marvel Puzzle Quest experience.  Everyone at D3 Go! hopes to continue this experience into year 3 and build upon what everyone has worked so hard on in the first 24 months.

So what is to come you ask?!

Well the events kick-off on October 8th.  A brand new Galactus Hunger Boss Battle event (you may have noticed event tile tease) is coming and players can compete to earn Cyclops (Classic) in the first run and then again to compete to earn Red Hulk in the second run.

Here is the schedule of the events to watch out for.

Marvel Puzzle Quest Anniversary Events:

10/8 – Galactus Hungers (NEW Boss Battle!)

10/8 – Black Vortex

10/11 – Class of 2015 (NEW Versus Event!)

10/12 – Simulator Challenge

10/13 – Women of Marvel

10/15 – Devil Dino (NEW Versus Event!)

But you are asking, well that is a week away?  For those of you wondering that, we have plans for a couple of surprises between now and October 8th to share…just not today.  Come back to Marvel Puzzle Quest between now and the 8th and find out what is on its way to the game.

For now, thank you to all the Marvel Puzzle Quest players/agents that keep on coming back to play more.  Please remember to follow us on social media and the forums for the latest news or to just say hello!



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