Ant-Man Character Art

Ant-Man Character Art

Marvel’s Ant-Man film is coming to theaters next week on July 17th and Marvel Puzzle Quest is celebrating by letting players take part in a brand new in-game event titled “Growth Industry” starting today.  Inspired by Marvel’s Ant-Man, recruit the size-changing Ant-Man to your Marvel Puzzle Quest line-up. Assemble your favorite team and battle in a special event to win the newest Super Hero!

In addition, those looking for even more Ant-Man content can find an exclusive new Ant-Man video from the film available in Marvel Puzzle Quest.  The exclusive new video will be available in-game starting today for players to enjoy.


  • Ant-Man Earnable For All – All players to have opportunity to earn Ant-Man (4-star character) and add him to their roster by completing the missions.
  • Brand New Missions – Growth Industry will feature 5 missions that will take place over 30 days (event concludes on August 8th)

For even more details on the event, please see interview with D3 Go! Producer Joe Fletcher on at

Enjoy the Ant-Man event!